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Most people do everything they can to avoid having a legal problem. After all, we all know someone who was tied up in a bitter divorce, charged with a crime or struggled with an insurance claim after an accident. The time and expense of dealing with the courts can be overwhelming. Chances are you have questions and concerns about the process and how to protect your future. Worrying about whether your lawyer will have the right experience and knowledge should not add to your difficulties right now.

The only way lawyers can be truly effective is to work with people one on one, as an individual — not as just another case file.

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About Robinson & Greene

Seasoned Trial Lawyers in Criminal, Divorce and Personal Injury Litigation Founded in 1979 as Janipher W. Robinson, Ltd., the law firm now known as Robinson & Greene has grown to meet the changing needs of our clientele. Today, our legal services have evolved to meet the personal, family and business needs of new and long-time clients alike. We offer such clients comprehensive representation, from criminal representation to forming a business to handling family law matters to wills and estates to representation in federal criminal and civil matters. Contact us in Richmond to learn more about the scope of our practice and how we can serve your needs.

Multijurisdictional Attorneys With Multiple Practice Areas

If you have a legal problem, where should you go? The Greater Richmond, Virginia, area is a multijurisdictional region. Cases are tried not just in Richmond but across the eight-county area. We have many different courts across our area, each set up for a different purpose:

  • State general district court:for misdemeanors, violations of local ordinances and appropriate civil actions (warrant-in-debts, unlawful detainers and landlord/tenant issues)
  • State juvenileand domestic relations district courts: for young persons accused of criminal acts and family law issues (custody, visitation, child support etc.)
  • State circuit courts:a combination of trial court and court of appeals, trying major civil cases, felonies and equity matters like divorces, wills and property disputes
  • State court of appeals:for matters appealed from circuit courts
  • Supreme Court of Virginia:the highest state court in the Commonwealth, which often has “the last say” in many legal matters
  • Federal district courts:hearing cases involving white collar crime, conspiracy, drug trafficking, fraud, civil matters such as: EEOC actions, Title VII and Title IX actions and other issues based in the Federal civil arena


Adjusting And Growing To Meet Changing Needs

Many of our clients understand the value of an established and continuing relationship with the lawyers they depend on. Robinson & Greene understand that the better we know our clients, the more efficiently and effectively we can meet their legal needs. Whether we are handling a family law case with ongoing child custody issues or a business law matter with continuing contract or litigation issues, we provide knowledgeable and farsighted counsel based on a deep familiarity with our clients’ legal needs and goals. We have adapted our legal practice to changes in business, family structures and technology. Robinson & Greene is fully supported by the latest communications and information technology. This saves us time, costs, and improves responsiveness. Another sign of change is our representation of clients in areas that were far less visible a generation ago. We have a thriving practice in matters such as employment and discrimination law, EEOC complaint processes and follow-up and complex white collar criminal litigation. If you are facing a legal problem, you owe it to yourself to get straight answers. During your initial consultation, our attorneys will evaluate your circumstances, explain the process you face in court and help you understand your options. If retained as your attorney, we will protect your rights and your interests vigorously, without leading you into costly and unnecessary litigation. We know the process, we have the experience and resources to help you get the best possible outcome, and we will make sure you understand how your decisions throughout the case may impact the final outcome.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers in Criminal, Business, Divorce and Personal Injury Litigation

At Robinson & Greene, we are proud of our success and reputation within the legal, professional, business and civic communities. We aspire to even greater achievement and stand ready to meet the emerging legal challenges of the 21st century. Contact us our office to learn more about our ability to serve your personal, business or family legal needs. At The Law Offices of Robinson & Greene, you will find hard working, results oriented attorneys committed to delivering personal service representing clients throughout the Metropolitan Richmond area, the Tidewater region, Southwestern Virginia and counties in the Piedmont region: Charlottesville, Staunton, Harrisonburg and points in between. Call 804-321-1728 or contact our office by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced attorney today.
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